Atari Not Teenage Riot by Katty

Anna tearing and glowing up the dance floor. St. Kirk with lazer Catholic imagery lighting, including sacred heart glowstick. Suck it E.T., Gretchen and Welling have heartlights too! Fun with rave jewelry. Michael and I in glowstick circle.  Suggestion: twirl slowly for best circle. Glitter eyes with assistnance from Tim, Yuki, and Lulu. Trish in first try at glow stick frame. Michael in twirling frame. I did a lot of iphoto trickery for this one, featuring Rose. I love the built in cup holder aspect of being "Tetris". 3 Tetris pieces look on as a couple kisses.  I will never write that again. Rose and Will proving you don't have to dress like an ass to attend a rave.  Kirk and his glowsticks. The three glowsticks responsible for all the "circle framing" in the pics. Anna tearing and glowing up the dance floor.