Party 35: Atari Rave (March 12, 2010)

Party 35: Atari Rave
Competitive classic 2600 gaming all night with glow sticks. Hosted by ReSolute. Featuring DJ Pan OS. Opening DJ Connie. Lights by Belcher.

Atari Rave Photos

Photos by Olimpia Dior

Olimpia Dior’s Blog

Atari Rave

Photos courtesy of Kim Elphinstone.


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Atari Rave Snapshots

Atari Not Teenage Riot by Katty

Anna tearing and glowing up the dance floor.

Atari Tournament, 1994

The Atari Tournament
Ryan McGinness and Tim McCready
Richmond, VA, 1994


Our headlining DJ, joining us from Athens for this special evening DJ Pan OS.

ReSolute NYC - Ioannis Sochorakis

Our hosts this week, ReSolute NYC, bringing you the best in techno and electro from around the world. Set Designer Ioannis Sochorakis creates a stunning laser show and 8-bit visual environment for all of your senses. 

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DJ Connie

Our Opening DJ Connie Yin
Check her out Here