Party 28: Rock & Roll (January 22, 2010)

Party 28: Rock & Roll
Battle of the Bands Hosted by Jake Klotz + Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke.

Rockin out!

Photos courtesy of Sherry Griffin

Punk Rock Karaoke

Photos courtesy of Pierre Tardif

Rock n' Roll Snapshots

Rock & Roll Host: Jake Klotz

Scorpio Rising

Light Asylum

Hard Nips

Sugar Life / Guy Fantasy

Rock & Roll: Schedule

Guy Fantasy / Sugar Life

Hosted by Jake Klotz (La Lus, Hallux)
 9:00  -  9:30    Guy Fantasy (Christian Dautresme)
10:00 - 11:00    Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke     

Lead Vocals: You! (Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Set List)

Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke will play back up for YOU on the following songs:

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