Peggy Hambrick - Legacy Executive Director

I started this journey in the Tupperware world in August 1985. It has been a whirlwind courtship. I started as a counsultant and was promoted to manager in 1988. I was an amazing manager for 10 years, earned many awards, and drove a company car. I got a new car every two years, the only thing I had to purchase was gas - that was a huge reward for doing your job. In 1996 I was promoted to Distributor and had that title until Tupperware joined the world of technology and all Distributor titles were changed to Legacy Executive Directors. Tupperware has allowed me to travel to many places, trips I earned for doing my job. Tupperware is a great company to work for - I invite anyone and everyone to try it. Tupperware is the only company I've worked for that rewards you big for doing your job and also making top dollar. Everytime I go to work ITS A PARTY.