Party 17: Halloween (October 30, 2009)

Party 17: Halloween
A Halloween-themed costume party. Yes, you must wear a costume. No exceptions. No costume = No admittance. Featuring a live midnight show by BAD GIRLFRIEND.

Perkel Pics - Halloween

Devil's Night

Photos courtesy Ariston Anderson

You know it's thriller, thriller night

The caldron was brimming all night. Leave it to the Varsity team to handle the booze. Cups overflowing with round, wet eyeballs, champagne over dry ice. Perhaps we all had a bit too much by the time we went to the roof. Or maybe it was all the flu shots going round. Those things can make you walk backwards.

Cuz in that Thrilllllllllerrrrrr, we couldn't quite get the dance routine, no matter how hard the sprightly goblin was trying to teach us. Drunk mummy clearly had the best moves. Amongst a graveyard of dead dreams, of the American sort, we got the beginning down pat. You know, the freeform improvisation part where we could all roll around on a silver rooftop like half-risen zombies at the top of the pops. Clearly there is no other way to celebrate Halloween than to reenact the greatest video ever made.


Drunk Mummy Strikes Again!

Drunk Mummy is my hero.

Halloween Pics

Photos by Lyndsey Myers

Why can’t ghosts have babies?

Because they have hollow weenies.

What is a witch's favorite subject in school?



Halloween pics

Photo: Pierre Tardif