Vogue Ball Categories

Tired from all of the fashion parties last week? This week's party puts YOU on the Runway! Bring your heels, your wigs, and something to cover up that face! Put it all on and WALK! All categories are open to everyone, so BRING IT!
Walking Categories:
Vogue Old Way: Old School B-Boy or B-Girl; Tracksuit, Jogging Suit, Puma v. Nike
Vogue New Way: Mr Elastic; Catsuit Meow! 
Butch Queen: Up in Pumps
Femme Queen: Give me body! You better work it, girl!
Painted Face: Not to be confused with Painted Ladies
Drag: Who's the Best Drag Queen/King
Bag Lady Couture: From Trash to Fash
Labels: Designer Fashions; Prada, Gucci, D&G...
European Runway: Haute Couture; Paris, Milan, London, Berlin
Bizarre: Be One of a Kind!
Hairfare: Hair Only; Look at those Locks!
Body Art: Ink it, Paint it, Paste It, Spray It, Bring It!
Face: Skin, Bones, Eyes; Be Fierce, Darling!
Go Green: Save our Mother!
Latex: Tighten It Up!
See you on the Runway!