Party 12: Vogue Ball

Party 12: Vogue Ball
Fashion week is so over, and so is what you're wearing. Come to our divine Vogue Ball hosted by Princess Xtravaganza and featuring the Nico and Adrian Spring Collection 2010. Photo by David Bechtel for Spank Magazine

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Thank you, Wellington Lee.

Perkel Pics - Vogue Ball

Photos courtesy Nathan Perkel.


"Now that fashion week is over...."
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Vogue Ball pics

Photo: Pierre Tardif

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Tired from all of the fashion parties last week? This week's party puts YOU on the Runway! Bring your heels, your wigs, and something to cover up that face! Put it all on and WALK! All categories are open to everyone, so BRING IT!
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Paris is Burning

House of Xtravaganza

Photos for Spank Mag by David Bechtel