Party 10: Birthday Party

Party 10: Birthday Party
Is your birthday on September 11th? Come to the studio. We’re having a birthday party for you! We encourage our Guests to bring a gift for our Special Guests whose birthday is September 11th.

Birthday Photos

Photos by Wellington Lee

Birthday Cakes


A nice Thank You note from one of our Birthday Guests

Keppie, Ryan, Interns, other staff, and party guests,
Thank you so much for a memorable birthday! Everyone was lovely and the different parts of the night were so fanciful and delightful.  My friends and I had a great time, and thank you for the birthday of birthdays....9/11 has a whole new connotation now!
Stephen Graham

Photos from one of our birthday guests, Bob Sabiston

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Photo: Pierre Tardif

The Late Marilyn Monroe

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