Party 00: Practice Party

Party 00: Practice Party
The invitations have been mailed. All guest should receive their welcome letters with their usernames and passwords next week. This Practice Party is the dry run. The beta test. We will be refining our systems. Come and practice with us!

Practice Party pics

Photo: Pierre Tardif

Some Party Guests

Fun with Sparklers


How the bathroom door deadbolt broke is a mystery.


Cleanup from the Practice Party.
Maybe we should get some ashtrays.

The Practice Party Front Door

Mr. Greenwood

He sits atop the freight elevator entrance.
Green (because he is a frog) and wood (because he is made of wood).
Coincidentally, Tom Greenwood brought him to the studio.

The New Guest Cards

50 Parties Guest Card - The Front

Much better.

Welcome to 50 Parties

In New York City, there has never been a shortage of parties. Parties celebrating a new product or publication or development have been rampant. Those celebrating or nurturing a meaningful social exchange, on the other hand, have been noticeably absent.

Bunny Key Drop